Research Methodologies Applied To Evaluate The Impact Of Stimulant Energy Drink - Assignment ExampleMethodologyCollection Of Data The first thing for any study is the process of data collection and the method of sampling. Data is collected on the basis of sampling which can be randomized, or purposive with respect to the variable that has to be analyzed. Randomized data means each individual will have equal probability to be included in the sample. Purposive data is considered by some criteria fixed by the experimenter (effects of a drug on diabetic patients).Sampling makes sure that the results are based on non biased assumptions and simply random sampling reduces the chance of bias. So in this study we will fix inclusion criteria with a purposive sampling- that means people who use computers whether desktops and laptops will be included and the others in the population will not be included- thus our purposive sampling will narrow it to population of computer users. The exclusion criteria would be non computer users and having vision problems other than technology related.

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